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The MTA is a non-profit organization of concerned and active conservationists who promote proper management of Montana's furbearers, who develop proper predator control, maintain a positive public image and help perpetuate quality habitat.

The Montana Trappers Association has the professional staff and knowledge to help protect your right to hunt, fish and trap. Unfortunately, the difference usually comes down to the amount of money available for a particular campaign. Your generous donation will help win the war against those who want to end all hunting, fishing and trapping. All donations directly impact our ability to keep these activities legal. Your contribution may also be tax deductible. Thank you in advance for helping us with your generous donation.

Donations can be made to:
Education Program
Scholarship Program
Sportsperson's Rights Protection Fund
Youth Trapper Camp

If you have a specific MTA program you'd like to have your donation benefit, please state your desires in the provided area.

Donations Are Non-Refundable