Montana Trappers Association

Working Today For a Tomorrow in Trapping.
Furbearers Are A Natural Renewable Resource.

Activities, Programs & Sponsorships


What We Do

The following is an overview of the many projects dedicated MTA members have taken on since the MTA's inception in 1976.


Held each September in the center of the state in Lewistown, Montana at the Fergus County Fairgrounds. Each years climactic get together for MTA members and non-members alike. Rekindle old friendships and start new ones.

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Trappers Education

Members of the MTA volunteer their time and efforts several times each year in an on going effort to educate those who want to learn about trapping or those who want to hone their skills.


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Youth Trapper Camp

Started in June 2000, the MTA Youth Trapper Camp is an educational and fun-filled weekend in the Bears Paw Mountains, south of Havre, Montana.


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Scholarship Fund

The Montana Trappers Association offers three $500 scholarships for any MTA member or member's sibling who intends to further their education at any college or university of their choice.



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Sportsperson's Rights Protection Fund

Established  in 1999, the SRPF establishes a coalition of funds from sportspersons and other interested parties to perpetuate and provide legal advice or action to protect the lawful rights of those  engaged in legal sporting activities.

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Miss Rodeo Montana

As a major sponsor of Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc since 1997, the MTA supplies fur vests for Miss Teen Rodeo Montana and Miss Rodeo Montana each year during their reign.



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