Tracks, Scats and Signs

Teach your youngster about animals in the wild and you may learn something new as well. A great interactive book for you and your family.

Nature is full of hidden clues about the animals that live there.

You may not know where to look, or what to look for, but animal signs are everywhere and this Take-Along guide will help you learn how to read them. You'll learn how to spot, and identify, common clues that 17 wildlife species leave behind in the woods, in the fields and along ponds.

You'll be able to recognize a badger's den and even figure out what a coyote ate for dinner. You'll notice things like the end of a tree branch that looks rough and chewed by a deer. You'll see tracks in the soft mud and know what animal made them.

Tracks, Scats and Signs is a fun way to turn everyday walks into exciting mysteries. And make you a nature detective.

Soft back. 8½" x 8½"

 41 color illustrated pages